The planned project will be partially based on the study carried out by our team in 2014 based on multicriterial valorization of natural mine in Nowogród Bobrzański. The study has shown that this anthropogenic transformed area is an attractive natural one, diverse in terms of habitat. There secondary succession occurs on a continuous basis. Processes of succession will undoubtedly further the rise of a new quality biocenotic systems. It is therefore purposeful, a realization of the proposed project, which entails the development of activities that will facilitate and accelerate these processes and will optimize habitat conditions. In the new formation prediction of mine test focuses on habitat to aquatic ecosystems, which result from mining activities. Previously the flat landscape of river valley was transformed into a landscape of reservoirs. As a consequence, in the vicinity of these tanks occur moist habitats with high biodiversity, which together with the situated nearby Natura 2000 areas, are territories of high natural value.

The developed project will be supplemented by information technology tools that will allow for the monitoring of the changes resulting from the proposed action and will allow to define, possibly fixup, directions for future action.