Quarries represent an important source of mineral resources, but they can also have a positive or a negative impact for different categories of species. This is also the case for Iglicioara Quarry. Through this project we aim to develop a comprehensive study of the biodiversity found on site, with accent on vertebrates. This will conclude with a biodiversity report that comes as an addition to the data provided by prevoius environment impact studies. Also, it will be a solution to the problem of data deficiency regarding certain species in the area. The administration of protected areas and stakeholders interested in this site will benefit from the data provided by our study and will now have a basis for future biodiversity research or landscape reconstruction projects.

Another objective of our project is to raise awareness about the importance of biodiversity on location and its link to Iglicioara Quarry. The inhabitants from the nearby Turcoaia community are mainly targeted, but also, through social media, anybody else interested in research projects such as this one.

The use of social media in spreading information about Iglicioara Quarry's biodiversity will be a starting point in attracting stakeholders interested in funding future landscape reintegration projects and biodiversity rehabilitation.