The project aim is the inventory and investigation of biodiversity of entomo- and arachnofauna. The project objective is also to widen our knowledge on insects and arachnids from anthropogenic environment of Limestone Quarry „Górażdże”. To achieve those fieldworks and laboratory works are being planned. Additional, but also important objective is to propose the ways and conditions of protection of rare and endangered species of potentially found during the study. We plan to gain a permission for catching protected or partially protected species in the quarry and inside the reserve nearby. Our study will not only widen our scientific knowledge but also the public awareness on biodiversity and the need of environmental protection. Although in the quarry series of inventory works have been done, there was none focused on insects and arachnids. Inside the quarry there are habitats perspective for numerous occurrences of those arthropods. The knowledge gathered during the study may also improve the protection conditions of described species and may also affect the rehabilitation plans of the quarry. The results of our project can be also used for future education of the local community on the biodiversity of insects and arachinds from the quarry.