An object chosen for project development is "Nowogród Bobrzański" mining site. Pre-analysis of collected at mining site soil samples showed that material is a loose sand with low sorption capacity and low fertility. As a material for reclamation purpose its productivity is really low and one of the main goals is the proper selection of materials for soil conditions improvement. Two types of materials were chosen for testing: traditional NPK fertilizer and innovative biochar. Main goal of this project is to describe conditions of biological reclamation of mining material that will promote proper plant growth. Project is divided into two parts: 

1) analysis of basic material properties, important for the plant restoration 

2) pot experiment with two agents –NPK fertilizer and biochar as the main factors promoting proper soil condition for plant growth. 

Conducting study as a pot experiment will help to test the changes of soil properties after adding additives. This will lead to an answer on questions if and how biochar or NPK fertilizer helped to improve mining material quality. If the results will be satisfying, results of the project will help to optimize biological reclamation procedures effecting plant growth and increasing the role of natural plant succession on very unproductive soil materials like sand.