Ecological systems have a high dynamic character, where the biocenosis components adapt to the new changes. Opening quarries is also about creating new habitats, free niches that will be immediately occupied by the most adaptable organisms. The role of raptors in an ecosystem is very important. They have a crucial role in controlling birds and rodents populations. Furthermore, they are a good bioindicator for the ecosystems health because a significant presence of raptors populations indicates high activity at lower trophic levels.

The importance of this project is to evaluate and highlight the impact that the quarries have on the populations of raptors and the transmission of information to the local communities and stakeholders for appropriate biodiversity management in the quarries. Thus, we will present the ongoing activities in the Iglicioara Quarry, the qualitative analysis of the diurnal raptors populations and their trophic resources, the comparative assessment of the results obtained with the initial situation and finally, the transmission of the information to the local interest stakeholders and communities.