Farmland birds, which are a good indicator of environmental quality, pollution and life quality, are in decline partially due to intensification and specialization of agricultural production. Intensive agricultural methods have eliminated almost all natural vegetation associated with uncultivated areas such as boundaries between farms or small woodland islets, which are common in traditional agricultural landscapes. These vegetation shelters are essential for biodiversity conservation associated with these ecosystems.

Valdilecha quarry, currently in exploitation, is surrounded by an intensive agricultural environment. There are some unexploited areas of the quarry that are a great opportunity to improve habitats and increase provision of ecosystem services. To this aim, we propose planting native vegetation nuclei, fruit and seed producers, in surrounding areas of the quarry and in the cattle trail that crosses it. This action is designed to be implemented when the quarry is still active. The vegetation nuclei will not only encourage the presence of birds linked to agrarian environment, but also will increase local biodiversity by serving as a refuge and food source to other groups of fauna. Finally, they will serve as a source of propagules in a landscape where plant connectivity has been interrupted by the homogeneity of crop fields, thus increasing integration of the quarry with the environment.