Can we measure landscape nectar and pollen productivity for insects? Is the quarry Mokrá suitable habitat for bees and other plant-pollinated insects? Can the quarry provide sufficient amount of sources over the whole season? Can bees indicate landscape solitary bee density of populations? What are the differences between active, abandoned quarry and the countryside?     ----      We monitor and analyze the behaviour of six bee colonies at three different localities during the growing season 2018. Two colonies are placed to the central part of the Mokrá quary, two others remain at the same conditions in abandoned Hády quarry and last two colonies are monitored at the edge of small village Lažánky. Obtained data will be related  to the diversity and phenology of flowering plants in the surroundings of hives. We also installed five standardised nesting blocks for solitary bees at each locality to compare their density with the seasonal activity of honey bees. We will organise a meeting for the public in Lamacentrum Hády in June. Project web page with on-line data can be found at