The mining and searching of raw materials required for cement production in cement industries at Wazo hill in Tanzania has resulted to soil degradation leading to loose the diversity of the area due to the deposition of heavy metal substances such as calcium, aluminum, and silicate and traces of lead (Pb), cordium (cd), iron (Fe), Titanium (Ti) and silica which leads to soil toxicity.
Mycorestoration process involves the use of fungi mycelium to remove the toxic materials from the soil, hence introduction of these mycelium will result to reviving of the soil. The introduction of the mycelium will be done by first introducing the organic growth media such as sawdust or rice straw in the area to provide a media for growing the cultured mushroom mycelium that will be introduced in the area and the management will be provided for them to grow.
This will revive the soil by breaking and absorbing all the heavy metals from the soil. The mycorestoration process will result to detoxification of Wazo hill area and attracts the occurrence or growth of the vegetation in the area which will also attract other organisms hence reviving biodiversity.