Birds are important members of many ecosystems, and are known for their enormous significant impact to Humans, nature and economy. Apart from forming an important component in food chain in our ecosystems, they aid in source of food, health indicators of the environment including habitat destruction mostly trees where they nest. However, like many other man made activities quarrying causes a significant impact on biodiversity and habitat destruction, the activities carries potential of destroying their nesting and feeding zonal habitats, Twiga cement is among companies that have been taking rehabilitation strategies to ensure formally degrading quarrying activities are rejuvenated, Since the rehabilitation processes that have been made in several years, no intensive study has been done to examine if the rehabilitation program in Wazo hill quarry support  the ecology of birds, the main objective is to assess the tree species planted in rehabilitated area in relation to the diversity of birds, habitats of birds and identifying the most dominants birds in Wazo hill quarry.

There is a need to assess the planted tree species in relation to their   support in ecology of birds at Wazo hill quarry, as key tool for future rehabilitation activities