The main objectives of this project are to raise social awareness in people regarding their local environment and carry out practices that will contribute to the restoration of the quarry fronts and natural connectivity. The activities would be held nearby the Rezola Cement Factory in the municipality of Arrigorriaga (Bizkaia). The whole project is included within a framework of environmental education, with the purpose of  making citizens part of the conservation actions. We intend to give value to the biodiversity present in the quarries and a better understanding of the interaction between nature and human activities in the environment.

August 11th: final environmental education workshop.

Last week we were finally able to carry out the environmental education activity we had prepared as part of the project. The activity consisted of a series of games about the environment. To finish, the children were organized into groups and we built four insect hotels.


May 2nd: second visit and replanting.

Our second visit was scheduled for the beginning of May. The activity planned for this day was to replant the area of the 1M front that we selected during our visit at the end of february.


February 28th: first visit to the quarry!

At the end of February, we visited the Rezola Cement Factory quarry, which is located near the municipalities of Arrigorriaga and Bilbao (Bizkaia), in the surroundings of Mount Pagasarri. Our aim was to explore the surroundings, identify habitats and plant species and determine the most suitable location for planting later in spring.