Dear Quarry Life Award participants, With just a couple of weeks left of the research phase, it’s time to start thinking about your final report - it can be uploaded to the QLA website. The deadline for uploading your documents is 15th September 2022. The QLA team wishes you a healthy and productive summer in our quarries.

When writing your report, the most important things to consider are:

  • To participate in the international contest, you must submit your report in English. 
  • File(s) must be uploaded to the Quarry Life Award website before 15th September 2022 (midnight, Central European Time).
  • The upload limit on the website is 10MB.
  • Reports have to be 10 pages long (Arial 10) – this does not include the title page and table of contents.
  • If annexes are needed these should be at the end of the report document (in addition to the 10 pages).
  • Do not provide more personal data in the document than absolutely neccessary.
  • Complete the Species list template as well and upload it to the website, too.

Contact your National Coordinator if you have any questions.