During our first visit we managed to spot few specimens of solitary bees and young bumblebee queens looking for nests. First floral plants like coltsfoot (on the first picture with mating couple of solitary bees), violas (second picture), primoses (fourth picture) are nectar and pollen source for early emerging bees. We also found interesting insect: oil beetle (Meloe proscarabaeus). On the third picture you can see a mating couple. Oil beetle is a bee parasite, during its complicated life cycle they look for solitary bees and their nests. Females are much bigger than males with enormous abdomen. This extraordinary insects are quite rare, but their presence indicates strong bees population. We also rescued young queen of red-tailed bumblebee from drowning in Quarry mud. After cleaning her with water she buzzed loudly to worm herself up and flew away.