This visit was full of hard work. In order to sow our seed mixtures we needed to select appropiate sites. The first area was divided on two squares 100m2 each. Second site was a part of bank near road and reserve. The third site was also divided on two squares 100m2 each. The sites were measured and marked with stones and warning tape. All sites were marked using GPS device. The seed compounds were mixed with sand to provide even distribution of seeds on the soil. Each compound contained seeds of native grasses and flowering plants. The chosen sites were not entirely covered with flora, so seeds will enrich existing habitats with food plants for bees. . During our works we manged to find a nest of paperwasp. On the picture you can notice larwae in some of the nest cells. We also brought few wooden boxes for bumblebees. We filled them with last year hay and wool. Then the boxes were located and secured, and also marked wit GPS device. We are hoping to see soon results of our sowing! :D