Our visit was full of surprises. First, the unfinished construction of bee hotel was already inhabitated by some solitary bees! Some of the drilled holes in the logs, left under incomplete roof, were clogged with clay - some solitary bee species build their little nests in this way. Apart of drilled logs we placed clay pots filled with different materials (bark, straws, clay etc). Also, a wooden box was filled with mixture of clay and scobs in order to make suitable nesting places. The hideouts are perfect places not only for bees- for example ladybirds can hibernate over winter in such places. Blooming plants like wild thyme, thistles, hemp-agrimony, knapweeds, birdsfoot trefoil, clovers feed numerous numbers of honey bees, solitary bees, bumblebees, cuckoo bumblebees, flies and buterflies. This time we managed to spot common yellow swallowtail and shrill carder bee - two quite rare and endangered species of insects. For sure- groundworks and conditions in the Quarry do not disturb their busy life :D