June is usually very busy month for our association - lots of fieldworks in different places. It is also a time, when bee populations are about to reach their development peak-especially social ones like bumblebees and honey bee. It is mainly caused by vast range of flowering plants. In the Quarry the most noticeable plant at this time is kidney vetch (Anthylis vulneralia), visited by many different species of pollinators, including butterflies. Other flowers like thistles, woundworths, viper's bugloss etc. provide constant source of pollen and nectar, which are essential for pollinators development. Our sowing during previous visit was not in vain-despite dry weather we spotted seedlings from our seed mixes! Another part of our visit in the Quarry was "bee hotel" building - a construction made out of wooden pallets, straws, reed, clay and drilled wood logs. We managed to build the construction frame with partially covered roof and to place few drilled logs. Check out our photos!