On the 25th of March we mainly carried out a faunal survey. But we also decreased shading of an overshadowed site and in this way we prepared it for pouring piles of stones there. The stones will constitute an important element of preserving the xerothermic character of that valuable place.

We connected it with a heap of branches (that we had prepared beforehand) which goes across a steep slope. In the future the construction will make a good habitat for sun-basking and sheltering of heat-loving reptiles.

One of the more interesting observation of ours was a violet oil beetle (Meloe violaceus) – a beetle of blister beetles family (Meloidae). This species usually inhabits well-insolated and dry places, hence the priority to maintain that area with consideration of the needs of thermophilic animals.

In cold water though, we observed predatory larvae of dragonflies (Odonata), common backswimmers (Notonecta glauca), water beetles (Acilius sulcatus), and of molluscs - great pond snails (Lymnaea stagnalis).

Authors of photos - Dr. Magdalena Wieczorek, Michał Szkudlarek.