We are a group of five friends, between 24 and 28 years old, with different interests and inquisitiveness:

Alvaro Iglesias is a biologist with Master degree in Zoology, where he carried out a project about the factor conditioning roadkills in a mediterranean toad. He is a passionate about climbing and animal photography and he is very interested in the viviparous lizard.

Iván Gómez is a biologist with Master degree in Technics for Ecology and Biodiversity Conservation . In both final degree and master projects he conducted two studies in which he monitored newts and toads using photo-identification. He loves trecking and volunteering in wild animal recovery centers and wildlife projects.

David Laorden is a biologist with Master degree in Biodiversity. In his final degree project, he studied colouration changes in wild toads. He really likes recycling processes and vegetation research focused on orchids.

Pablo Cisneros is an environmental engineer with MSC in Geography and Geoinfiormatics. He is conducting his PhD Thesis about landscape connectivity in mediterranean big mammals (iberian lynx, brown bear, wild boar). He is interested in wildlife monitoring with radio tracking, GPS and camera trapping.

Carlos Caballero is a PhD biologist student, conducting his doctoral thesis about the impact of habitat fragmentation and invasive species in amphibians. His interests are amphibian connectivity, demography and conservation genetics.