Hi everyone!

This week we have begun our amphibian project in the quarries of Arrigorriaga (Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain), called AMPHIQUARRY, in which we will try to understand the connectivity of amphibians in quarries to propose efficient conservation measures. We are excited to conduct our project and we are really thankful to Heidelberg Cement and Cementos Rezola to grant our project and to facilitate the information and nocturnal entrances to the quarries.

The reason to compete with AMPHIQUARRY is because we are really worried about the impacts that amphibians are facing, causing important declines in their distribution areas. One of the factors is habitat fragmentation and this impact is very patent in landscapes with quarries. Thus, we saw an exceptional opportunity in the Quarry Life Award to demonstrate that amphibians can perfectly coexist and preserve in quarries once are abandoned and that these areas could function as important habitats favoring connectivity with surrounding populations. We would like to study how amphibians breed and move inside the quarries, identify which are their preferential habitats and propose conservation measures to long-term preserve these incredible creatures.

This has just begun… and we are super excited! We will weekly update with our progress!