Hi everyone!

During the first days we sampled the amphibian populations close to the quarry. As we said in the previous post, the area was mountainous and characterised by Atlantic Forest.

During the day, we explored the area looking for potential habitat for amphibian species: water bodies like streams, ponds, tanks, mashes, rivers, dams. Later, during the night, we returned to sample these places again, in order to take data of amphibian populations.

During sampling, we observed a high presence of fire salamanders in natural water bodies like streams. Other amphibian species like the palmate newt and the common toad were present in both natural and human made water bodies (like dams and tanks).

On the other hand, we could observe a strong association between some species and human made water bodies. An example is the marbled newt which is only present in artificial ponds; or the common midwife toad, which usually breed in these types of habitats.

We leave you in the post some images taken during these sampling days so that you can enjoy these incredible creatures as we have done.

As we have seen, the surrounding area is very interesting for amphibians. And.. How about the quarries? We will tell you in future posts!

See you soon!