Hi everyone!
As we told you in the previous post, the surroundings of the quarry are very interesting areas for amphibians, but… how about the quarries? We have specially focused in the abandoned quarries containing breeding sites. We have periodically visited them during the day and night.
You can imagine that these sites are anthropic areas with no interest for biodiversity, due to the landscape is not such an attractive place. But the thing is that they are completely surprising us, with a priori well preserved populations of several amphibian species, that we will present in following posts.
Some of the water sites are ephemeral, others temporary but the main majority are permanent. Depending on the ecological preferences of the species, we hoped to find different species in different types of ponds. In addition, some of the species need vegetation, others plenty of refuge… A complete characterization is needed to propose conservation measures focused on the different requirements. In that way, we are conducting sampling in both water sites and the surrounding, using dip nets and neoprene.
See you soon!