On the 19th of May we came to KSM Nowogród Bobrzański with several big bags filled with sawdust to enlarge the already existing heap of sawdust that is supposed to be used by Grass Snakes for oviposition. We observed a juvenile of that species nearby which was not surprising, taking into account remarkable abundance of their favorite prey - frogs - in a pond just around the corner. It was really hot that day so during creating stone heaps for Sand Lizards we enjoyed listening to croaking of Marsh Frogs, Pool Frogs and Edible Frogs. Middorsal stripe of one specimen was bent, which is quite a rarity. Another photo shows that dorsal coloration of these frogs serves as a camouflage. They are hard to notice among floating leafs of pondweeds. It was also spectacular to observe variety of dragonflies mating and laying eggs. They are an important part of frogs' diet. That day we also tidied up vegetation near stacks of branches and used a GPS device to precisely measure area of the plots that we focus our activities on. Despite the drought, the pond that we had built held water and it was even used by amphibians.

Now next part of the project is ahead of us: field education of schoolchildren from a local school. We have already prepared worksheets for them and we hope it will be a transformative and captivating experience for them.