On the area of our activities the vegetation flowers and visibly increases its biomass. However, attractive common brooms have already shed blossoms and develop legumes.
During visit on the 29th of June we observed plethora of smooth newt larvae in different ages and tadpoles of water frogs and brown frogs. It make us very happy becuase this area does not have many amphibian breeding grounds safe from fish, what is especially important for newts. Some of the larvae got decent size and we can expect their forthcoming metamorphosis. Besides them, there were also adult water frogs in both tanks so also in the pond that we built. It is doing great despite the drought and got inhabited by grass snakes.
Under one of fallen trees at the edge of the Nowogród Bobrzański quarry we managed to take photos of a peculiar colorful organism kindred to protozoans. It is a plasmodium (single cell with many cell nuclei) of a slime mold which belongs to the species that is funnily called a "dog vomit slime mold" or a "scrambled egg slime" - Fuligo septica. It can crawl but does so languidly.
To sum it up, June was a very interesting and diverse month in nature of the area we surveyed.