The best protection that can be given to a species is when the interest of this is shared by all. Are the children not the best ambassadors of biodiversity ?
The children of the Ségrie primary school were thus invited to the site for an animation around the Yellow-bellied toad and biodiversity in general. 18 CM1 and CM2 students went to the career on monday July 4 .
In the program
- Discovery of the career during the morning, history of the career, geologie and present species.
- In the afternoon, discovery of new habitats, present species and their life cycle ; focus of the Yellow-bellied toad and this project, drawings, games on the food chain...
On this occasion, an agile frog was discovered on new circles. Dragonfiles have also been observed.

A big thank you to the animators ( Philippine and Vincent ) and the supervisors who assisted them ( Ms Guerrier, school teacher and Alice, Annabelle and Adrien) !