Six Yellow-bellied toads were discovered on the occasion of the 7th prospecting. These are subadults , that is to say young individuals of one to two years not yet mature to reproduce. They were in dispersion (looking for new habitats) and probably came from the career.

Individuals have been "marking". This one consists in taking his belly in a picture. The stains of individuals are unique as fingerprints and make it possible to distinguish them from each other. This marking then makes it possible to follow the evolution of individuals over time : its lifespan, its trips...

Recall that this opération is carried out within the framework of a scientific study and must not be repeated. The capture of amphibians is strictly prohibited and the follow-up carried out by the LPO Sarthe is subject to obtening authorizations.

These discoveries constitute both a conclusion and a beginning. The conclusion because the objective of this project was to create habitats to allow the dispersion of individuals. Their presence confirms the functioning of the habitats created. This is however only beginning. The Yellow-bellied toad will need the creation of other habitats to join the population present in the adjacent town. We can now rely on this success to reproduce these actions on other sites.

A last passage will be made by the end of the month. We always hope for more discoveries to complete this project.