Hi everybody!
Today we bring you a new amphibian species, the perez’s frog (Pelophyllax perezi). We have placed our transmitters on this species, and we have also made a great effort to photo-identify it. Because of the great importance of the perez’s frog in our project, today we are going to tell you about this species.
It’s a typical frog of Spain, being present in all the Spanish territory.
There is a great variability about his coloration, being principally green with some spots. In these frogs is very common a thin green dorsal line.
We can find them mainly associated to water bodies, with a preference large duration or permanent ponds. Now, in summer, we can see the reproduction of this species in this type of habitats. It is a beautiful spectacle to see these frogs singing constantly in the ponds.
During our sampling nights, we can note the presence of this species in the whole quarry, preferably associated to artificial ponds and water accumulation cause of the tasks carry out on the quarry. The abundances registered inside the quarry were very high while outside the perez’s frog was very scarce. For this reason, the quarry environment is a good opportunity of habitat for the perez’s frog, and this frog a perfect study species for our project.