The assumption of biological reclaim is introducing forest trees and bushes in the desired area so that it becomes the most similar to natural forest. According to the project, biodiversity of mid-forest plantings in post-exploitative areas of Limestone Mine in Górażdże will focus on renovating tree stand with a few wild fruitful plants. The chosen species have little habitat needs e.g. Euonymus europaeus, Prunus spinosa, Rosa canina, Rhamnus catharicus. The project assumes both: increasing biodiversity of plants and intensive succession of fauna.The study areas will be set on the edges of already reclaimed post-exploitative areas of Limestone Mine in Górażdże. It is supposed that planting wild fruitful plants will create ecological enclaves for many animal and plant species. This would protect biodiversity of the devastated by the mine exploitation areas. What is more, an increase of quality and quantity of flora and fauna is expected.The team members are students of Opole University whose faculty is oriented on introducing research results into practice  and practicians with high-specialist knowledge. Thanks to such composition the team will be able to deeply and comprehensively analyze the aim of the project.